Wanderer Profile

Wanderer is the 3rd boss on the Mysterious Mountain.

He also makes an appearance in Special Quests and in the Manga, which can be seen below.

Wanderers Adventure Info
Name Wanderer Location Mysterious Mountain (Sacred Tree)
Health 800 Experience 85 (4,000 1st Time)
Type Boss(3rd) ~ Basic Attack 230
Speed Quick Effects Heals
Special 1 Heals Special 2 Transcending Calmness
Special 1 Intro "Wanderer seems to be searching for something in his bag..." Special 2 Intro "Wanderer grips the handle of his sword and slowly closes his eyes, the air around him appears to be freezing up..."
Special 1 Effect Heals 30% HP Special 2 Effect 400 Static Damage
LOOT: 600 Coins LOOT: Tamahagane
LOOT: Soul Shard LOOT: Sword Dust
LOOT: Healing Potion LOOT: Omamori
LOOT: Sushi LOOT: Iron Chest - Samurai Talisman (4/12 Accessory, Samurai Set)
LOOT: Wanderer's Cape (5/2 Secondary) LOOT: Treasure Chest - Secret Scroll of Blades (Tamahagane Relic Core)

Quest for Eternity

Quest for Eternity

In the Special Quests, "Quest for Eternity", Wanderer is seeking the true meaning of never-ending eternity. However, he then says something cryptic.. "I have tried via the physical path. I have found things that sustain over millions of years, and even the unbreakable. None of which I feel is sufficient. Can you help me answer my question?"

Which brings up more questions.  In what way did he try the physical path?  Is his age not the way he looks.  Perhaps its possible that in some ways, he himself is eternal.

He does make other apperances in the manga pages.

  • Prehistoric Vow
  • Eternity
  • Nieves
  • Nameless