Voices of the Night 1


Craft 30 different swords.


"Usually I don't go around asking for swords to be made for me, I just loot them.  But your fame alone interests me. Craft the perfect assassin's blade for me an you will be rewarded. Be warned, I only accept the best of the best. It's not like you have a choice you know."

Sword Required

Nightingale - Fuse 3 Shade(Steel)

Voices of the Night 2



"Hmmm... So this is the blade you made me... What?! You say it makes an unique noise when it slices through flesh? Are you an idiot? I am supposed to be a silent killer! How can I alert my enemies with... Oh! You mean when they hear that pleasant noise, it's already too late? How wicked of you! Heh... that little brain of yours is quite creative isn't it! I am starting to like you. If you ever need to get the job done, it's always buy one head get one free by your request."