Star Topaz Text
Star Topaz


Halloween Night

Ore Needed

3 Star Topaz, 3 Soul Gem

Table Space

8 Tables(2X4)

Crafting Time

9 hours

Fusion Table Space

9 Tables (3x3)

Fusion Time

18 hours

Minimum Fusion Quality


Hammering Experience

+53 Exp

Trophy Bonus


Max Sword Contest Points

?(C?, B?, A?)

Star Topaz Icon

Star Topaz is the second latest material to be released in the game - Star Sapphire being the latest.  It was available in Halloween Night, a limited-time seasonal location for Halloween and at certain nodes in Crystal Party, the limited-time seasonal location for Christmas. This material currently makes the 3 of the Zodiac Swords.

Ways to Obtain:

  • Random Chance at Location:

Ways to Obtain Mastery: ? 

This Adventure Material is special in 2 ways. 

1. As stated, it is currently only available from limited time locations.

2.  It has 3 different collection pages based on 3 different zodiacs, with each page having only 6 swords.  2 Rank C's, 2 Rank B's, & 2 Rank A's for 18 total swords.

Note: Completing a collection page will reward you with 1 Divine Metal.

Virgo Sword List:

  1. Sword of Perfection
  2. Sparrow
  3. Regulator of Time
  4. Prestige
  5. The Empress
  6. The Azure Star

Libra Sword List:

  1. Enforcer
  2. Sword of Justice
  3. Supressor
  4. Balance
  5. World Edge
  6. Broken Balance

Scorpio Sword List:

  1. Heart Piercer
  2. Bone Carver
  3. Breathless
  4. Desperation
  5. Finalstrike
  6. Abyssal Executioner