Star Sapphire Text
Star Sapphire


Crystal Party

Ore Needed

3 Star Saphire, 3 Soul Gem

Table Space

8 Tables(2X4)

Crafting Time

9 hours

Fusion Table Space

9 Tables (3x3)

Fusion Time

18 hours

Minimum Fusion Quality


Hammering Experience

+53 Exp

Trophy Bonus


Max Sword Contest Points

?(C?, B?, A?)

Star Sapphire Icon

Star Sapphire is the latest material to be released in the game.  Currently it is only available in Crystal Party, a limited-time seasonal location for Christmas.  This material currently makes 3 of the Zodiac Swords.

Ways to Obtain: Random Chance at Location:

Ways to Obtain Mastery: ? 

This Adventure Material is special in 2 ways. 

1. As stated, it is currently only available from a limited time location.

2. It has 3 different collection pages based on 3 different zodiacs, with each page having only 6 swords.  2 Rank C's, 2 Rank B's, & 2 Rank A's for 18 total swords.

Posibles routes for get:

1.- 4 Stamina cost: nodes 1-3-6-8, Boss Rockin' Santa (random: Azure Emissary)

2.- 7 Stamina cost: nodes 2-5-7-10-12-15-16 Random Bosses + Boss Reindeer Sisters (random: Azure Emissary)

3.- 11 Stamina cost: nodes 1-4-7-10-12-15-17-18-20-21-22 Random Bosses + Boss Mysterious X'mas Tree (random: Azure Emissary)

4.- 11 Stamina costs: 1-4-7-10-14-15-17-18-20-21-22 Boss Mysterious X'mas Tree (random Azure Emissary) + Overlook nodes (paid 800 coins for sapphire and other prizes)

Note:  Completing a collection page will reward you with 1 Divine Metal

Sagittarius Sword List:

  1. Arrowblade
  2. Centaur Blade
  3. Bow Glaive
  4. Realm Invader
  5. Dynasty Changer
  6. Skyforce

Capricornus Sword List:

  1. Blood Vow
  2. Black Poem
  3. Landslide
  4. Zenith
  5. Boundless
  6. Astral Horn

Aquarius Sword List:

  1. Exile
  2. Heartstream
  3. Silver Current
  4. Radiance Keeper
  5. Resonance
  6. Aquawrath