Muramasa New
Muramasa is a Rank B Sword forged using Tamahagane
Name Muramasa
Material Tamahagane
Element Unholy
3 Fuse into Shiranui
Attack Points (AP) 12
Defense Points (DP) 2
Stars 5
Rank B
Rarity Epic
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 3,000
Sword Contest Points 65


Muramasa Sengo was a legendary Japanese swordsmith from the 16th century, famous for strong, lethal blades. Japanese folklore says that Muramasa himself was a violent soul, and his madness and bloodlust seeped into every sword he forged. Shogun Tokugawa even forbade that his samurai use swords made by Muramasa because of the vast number of loved ones he had lost to them. This, of course, only made his work more famous. Muramasa is often compared to another famous smith: Masamune, who is also represented in Sword Quest. The difference is, while Masamune's blades are often seen as holy and just, Muramasa's are seen as evil and monstrous.