Majin is the 2nd Boss in Hellgate.  It's best drops are M.C. Prime Demon Stone (Demon Stone Relic Core) and L.C. Majin Helm (40/20 Secondary Destruction Set).

Note: In Japanese, Majin has two different Kanji and thus two different meanings. With kanji 魔神, it refers to "demon god". With kanji 魔人, it means a magical being (i.e. a genie or sorcerer) or a demonic or evil entity.  This is perhaps more common in  Dragon Ball Z, where one of the last bosses/enemies is Majin.

Note(*): If you are Wet or Oily, the Frost & Fire attacks can cause you to become Frostbitten or Burnt.

Majin also appears in the Six Winged Angelblade Manga, facing an Angel and Six Winged Angel.

Adventure Info
Name Majin Location Hellgate (Forbidden Black Sanctuary)
Health 5,800 Experience 400 (90,000 1st Time)
Type Boss (2nd) Max Basic Attack 1,100
Speed Quick Possible Effects Poisoned, Frostbitten*, & Burnt*
Special 1 Chaos Blast Special 2 Destroyer Blast
Special 1 Intro "The ground starts to tremble!" Special 2 Intro "You feel tremendous energy pressure. Majin is performing some kind of energy condensation!"
Special 1 Effect Poisoned & 500 Static Frost Damage Special 2 Effect 1,200 Static Fire Damage
LOOT: 1,000 Coins LOOT: Demon Stone
LOOT: Life Force LOOT: Undead Ash
LOOT: Soul Gem LOOT: 2x Soul Gem
LOOT: Demon Hammer LOOT: Mysterious Chest - Prime Demon Stone (Demon Stone Relic Core)
LOOT: Legendary Chest - Majin Helm (40/20 Secondary, Dark Lord Set)