Kotetsu New
Kotetsu is a Rank B Sword forged using Tamahagane
Name Kotetsu
Material Tamahagane
Element Earth
3 Fuse into Masamune
Attack Points (AP) 9
Defense Points (DP) 5
Stars 5
Rank B
Rarity Epic
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 3,000
Sword Contest Points 65


Nagasone Kotetsu was a well-respected swordsmith of the early Edo period in feudal Japan. He began his career as an armorer, but when he shifted gears to swordmaking, his blades gained a reputation for being very strong, to the point of being capable of splitting helmets. However, Kotetsu's work was forged more than any other smith in feudal Japan, and it was forged very well, to the point where even historical experts have a difficult time sorting the fakes from the real thing. Nagasone, himself, even coined the phrase "The blade is mine, but the signature is not." Way to jump on the bandwagon, Doremi Star.