Sometimes, what your looking for isn't something in the game, but something about the game.  This could be some questions you have; whether general questions, or you took a break so your curious about what you've missed. 

Maybe your wondering and looking for some help, or you want to help others.  Whatever it is, we'll try to put it here.  If you think something should be here.  Leave a note in the comment section, or add it(especially if its something to help others.

Guides, Tips, HelpEdit

If your looking for some assistance, or need a little extra advice, check here. If it's not here, just ask. We'll try to help. If you think something should be here. Help a player out.

What's going on?Edit

This is for those who don't check the SQ page on facebook either because its just a scroll fest, or just don't feel the need. Curious what Richman is giving away? or if there are any specials? This is the place. Updated daily, if anything of interest is out. If not, Wednesday at least sees Richman.

Whats coming upEdit

The little bit of info that the developers have told us.


You've taken a break, and your curious what you've missed? This is just a copy/paste of every update that the developers have done. From new locations to new materials. Just a quick glance will get you up to speed on what to expect.

Wiki UpdatesEdit

Wondering what is being put up next, or whats being worked on? Want to make a suggestion on what you want to see, do so here.


How much can you make? The age old question. This is a slow work in progress where we'll break down the materials and show the average profit of how much you make per craft, and how much that is per hour.


Can you think of something that might help SQ a bit? A suggestion, an idea? Something that maybe the developers could use to make it easier? Put it in here. On occasion, we'll pass along the good suggestions(unless they see it first).


Found a problem in the game.  Put it here, It can anything from a mis-spell to a grammar issue.