Ice Stone


5,000 Avg from Black Market

Ore Needed

3 Ice Stone & 1 Mithril

Table Space

4 Tables in 2x2

Crafting Time

6 hours

Fusion Table Space

6 Tables in 3x2

Fusion Time

10 hours

Minimum Fusion Quality


Hammering Experience

+24 Exp

Trophy Bonus

Glacier: +5 Quality

Max Sword Contest Points

1,014(C60, B78, A240

Ice Stone is the 12th material available in the shop. It can be bought for 6 Smith Tokens or ~5,000 coins to buy in the Black Market. There are other ways to obtain Ice Stone, as listed below.

One advantage of Ice Stone is that it gains a bonus at low temperatures. So you do not need to worry about freezing this sword. So you just have to be careful about burning it. In fact, even the Ice Stone Relic and Master Swords can receive this boost. However, Divine Metal will not. Divine Metal, since its the base, will still get frozen, even with the Ice Stone there. Instead of penalties for Cold and Freezing, Ice Stone gains a Bonus of +1 and +3 respectively.

Ice stone

Ice Stone

Ways to Obtain Mastery:

Sword ListEdit

  1. Ice Sword
  2. Deep Frost Sword
  3. Black Snow
  4. Frozen Scar
  5. Absolute Zero
  6. Obliteration
  7. Tear of the Goddess

Ice Stone Sword ChartEdit

Ice Stone Sword Chart & Info
Name Rank Star Element Fusion Quest Attack Power Defense Power Sell Price
Ice Sword C 5 Frost Candy Quests 12 2 6,000
Deep Frost Sword B 6 Frost Absolute Zero 12 10 7,500
Black Snow B 6 Frost Obliteration 17 5 7,500
Frozen Scar B 6 Frost Tear of the Goddess 21 0 7,500
Absolute Zero A 8 Frost Familiar Stranger 40 10 42,000
Obliteration A 8 Frost Familiar Stranger 43 5 42,000
Tear of the Goddess A 8 Frost Freezing Breeze 20 26 42,000

Master Sword ListEdit

Ice Stone combined with: