Demon Stone Infused Blade
Demon Stone Infused Blade Display

Demon Stone Infused Blade is a Rank A sword made from Bronze

Name Demon Stone Infused Blade
Material Bronze
Element Unholy
Fused from 3 Runeblade
Attack Points (AP) 19
Defense Points (DP) 0
Stars 6
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 4,500
Sword Contest Points 180
Demon Stone Infused Blade Manga

In this scene, we find a red-haired man with an evil look in his eyes. However, he is soon overtaken by some strange, unseen force. Crippled, he slowly makes his way towards his sword, the Demon Stone Infused Blade. Perhaps the backstory is how the man was overcome with the desire for power; a desire that the sword gave him. Finally, overcome by the demonic energies, he was left with nothing except the sword that gave him his strength in the first place. The description for the demon stone material specifically says: "Pulses of strong evil intentions are constantly generated from it, making it extremely dangerous. Handling this material puts the crafter at a constant risk of losing sanity." If the person working with the material alone is at risk, then it's understandable how someone using an entire sword containing it could end up in this kind of situation.

One interesting thing to note is the diamond-shaped indentation in the man's left hand. Judging by the third panel, he might have also had the same mark on his right hand as well. There also seem to be other scars trailing off the wound as well, almost in a predetermined spiral pattern around his arm. Could it be the sword wasn't the only thing that had demon stone embedded in it?