Death Profile
Death is the 1st Boss in Pandemonium.

His best drop is the 2 pieces for the Death Set. This set is used to boost the power of the relics.

Adventure Info
Name Death Location Pandemonium (Shackles of Souls)
Health 7,000 Experience 666 (110,000 1st Time)
Type Boss(1st) Max Basic Attack 1,600
Speed Quick Possible Effects  - 
Special 1 Soul Siphon Special 2 Requiem
Special 1 Intro "Death reaches out its empty left hand..." Special 2 Intro "As the magnificent music starts playing, you instantly feel your eyelids get heavy. This is the Prelude of Death!"
Special 1 Effect 666 Damage Special 2 Effect 1,400 Static Damage
LOOT: 1,000 Coins LOOT: Life Force
LOOT: Soul Gem LOOT:

2 Soul Gem

LOOT: 3 Soul Gem LOOT: Undead Ash
LOOT: Healing Potion LOOT: Mysterious Chest - Death's Eye (1/0 Accessory, Death Set)
LOOT: Legendary Chest - Death's Mantle (0/1 Secondary, Death Set)