Creation Hammer

Hammer of Creation is by far, the best Smith Hammer (no-effect) that you can obtain. It has a whopping +9 quality and +25 CP bonus, very useful in creating Sword Dust and boosting the Quality of yours, or others' crafts.

The only drawback is the insane amount of effort needed to obtain one: As the only way to get you hands on one is saving all Divine Swords & God-Slaying Swords(the fusions) into your collection. Even with Metals obtained from Daily Wheel and/or Friend Wheel, the total time for creating ALL of those swords could very well take between 1-2 months as each fusion(God-Slaying Sword) requires 24 hours.

Effect: Creation Hammer

+9 Quality

+25 CP

Flavor Text:

This hammer can create the ultimate evil and the ultimate good

with the light and dark sides of the hammer.