Divine Metal is the most valuable crafting material second only to Chaos Stones. Obtaining it includes :Quests, Completing collection pages. Used for making divine swords

Easier ways to obtain are Just Buying them from the Store or Arena Prizes. at the store It Costs 200 Smith Tokens. Or 1500 Arena Points.

The Swords Incude; Divine Diamond, Divine Gold, Sword of the Ice Godess, Sword of the Wind Godess, Sword of Death, Sword of Divinity. ("Yeah. The names are super original")

Description:"This metal illuminates in different colors when viewed at different angles. It does not bear any resemblance to the world you live in. Rumor says these stones are the legacy of the ancient gods to those with a predetermined fate."

Crafting Requirements: 1 Divine Metal, x9 Open Squares, And x3 of a secondary material.

Note: When Further in the game you can fuse three of the same Divine Sword To Create Divine Swords

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