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Formerly known as Weekly Quests.

Candy Quests are where you compete against Candy to see who can turn in two types of a sword first.  This is a good way to get higher rank materials for a good bargain. As Candy will accept almost any rank sword, as long as there are 2 of them, it is encouraged that you always give her the lowest type of that material as you can. I.e. If you are competing against her with on Dragon Stone, rather than give her one of the higher level crafts, go ahead and just give her Dragon Slayer, the lowest Dragon Stone sword.


Beating Candy offers different types of rewards.  There is the direct result.  You get a higher level material for your trouble.  And there is the longer reward.

If you can beat her 6 times, she will reward you with a piece of furniture from her Candy Decor set.  

The chart below is a copy from the Weekly Quest page.  It will be updated as there are more Candy Quests to draw upon.

Candy Quests
Sword Type Wanted Lowest Sword Accepted Ore Level Reward

Amount of Ore

Other Reward Tokens
Tamahagane Katana 2 2 2k Exp, 15k Coins 3
Silver Silver Sword 2 2 2k Exp, 15k Coins 3
Obsidian Obsidian Edge 2 2 2k Exp, 15k Coins 3
Gold Gold Sword 3 1 3k Exp, 20k coins 5
Mithril Cursed Sword 2 1 2k Exp, 15k Coins, 2 Sword Dust 3

Dragon Stone

Dragon Slayer 3 2 3k Exp, 22k Coins 5
Fire Stone Flame Sword 3 2 3k Exp, 22k Coins 5
Ice Stone Ice Sword 3 2 3k Exp, 22k Coins 5
Adamantite Merciless Beheader 3 1 2.5k Exp, 25k Coins and 4 Sword Dusts 5