Goals Intro

Goals were added with the July 3rd, 2013 Update.  These are to help give the players, new and old, a bit of direction as well as help push the player.  Especially the newer players.  Goals will help the players:

  • Earn great rewards by achieving "Goals"!
  • The addition of "Goals" will make Sword Quest more approachable and easier to learn by giving players more of an objective, without compromising any of the players freedom to approach the game differently!
  • Use Soul Shards and Soul Gems to recharge the brand new Soul Hammer! Using the Soul Hammer will add quality to your sword and accelerate crafting time!
  • Soul Hammers can be upgraded to add even more quality to your swords!
  • The 1 minute preperation time can now be skipped by hammering it yourself.

While the game will only show 3 goals, you can finish any goal at any time, even if it is not shown, however there are some goals that will not count towards the completion if you have not finished the pre-req quest first.

For example, defeating Orc General in Orc Camp will not count unless you first defeated Golden Slime in Mysterious Mountain.


鑄劍目標 完成獎勵
1.購買500 遊戲幣
2.放一顆礦在一樓桌上 250 鑄劍經驗
3.敲擊自己的劍 500 遊戲幣
4.Speed up crafting with Soul Hammer 8個靈魂碎片
5.Charge a Soul Hammer 350 鑄劍經驗
7.Finish a sword 1個Ancient Sword & 300 遊戲幣
10.Go adventure! 1點鐵匠幣
13.Hammer a friends sword 3個Friend Hammer & 250 鑄劍經驗
16.Buy a hammer 800 鑄劍經驗
17.Check your Collection 300 鑄劍經驗 & 1個劍之粉末
18.Check your Goals 300 鑄劍經驗 & 1個劍之粉末
19.Check Achievement progress 300 鑄劍經驗 & 1個劍之粉末
21.Return to Adventure (Pre-req; Go Adventure) Steel Armor
Finish an Epic Sword 3個Predator & 2個劍之粉末
44.升級Soul Hammer 10個靈魂石
Craft a Master sword 1個Shield Hammer & 500 鑄劍經驗
Finish a Master sword 2點鐵匠幣
Crafting in the basement 300 鑄劍經驗
8.Save a sword 1個Ancient Sword & 250 鑄劍經驗
Weaponize a sword 1,000 鑄劍經驗
Hammer Candy's sword 500 遊戲幣 & 200 鑄劍經驗
Read Manga 3個秘銀 & 300 鑄劍經驗
Buy extra table space 1 個精金 & 600 鑄劍經驗
15.Sell a sword 300 鑄劍經驗
20.Buy a decor 2個玉鋼
22.Use Friend Hammer to help a friend 2個秘銀 & 300 鑄劍經驗
Receive weekly XP reward 2個玉鋼 & 2個劍之粉末
Ask friends to help 1,000 遊戲幣 & 200 鑄劍經驗
Craft an "Orc Steel" sword 10個Orc Steel & 15點Orc Steel熟練度
Trade sword with a friend 1,500 遊戲幣 & 2個劍之粉末
28.Complete a Kingdom Quest 1,500 鑄劍經驗 & 2個劍之粉末
Use Magic Hammer to get a normal sword 3個Gold & 300 鑄劍經驗
Buy Ancient Ruins Trophy 3個Diamond
Complete a Candy quest 2,000 鑄劍經驗 & 3個劍之粉末
Create a Sword Essence 2個Gladius
Upgrade a sword with Sword Essence 2個Shield Hammer
Craft a Legendary Sword 2個Time Hammer
Use Fire Hammer to raise temperature(Inferno Hammer ok) 1個Fire Stone
Use Ice Hammer to lower temperature(Absolute Hammer ok) 1個Ice Stone
Speed up crafting with Time Hammer 2個Dragon Stone & 2個劍之粉末
Use Shield Hammer on fusion 2個Gold & 2個劍之粉末
Finish a Legendary Sword 1點鐵匠幣 & 1,000 鑄劍經驗
Save a Legendary sword 3個Predator
Buy from Black Market 1個Thief Hammer
Stealing with Thief Hammer 2個Happy Hammer
Create a Soul Metal 3,000 遊戲幣 & 500 鑄劍經驗
Craft an "Orc Steel" Legendary sword 1點鐵匠幣 & 2,000 鑄劍經驗
Craft a Divine Sword 1點鐵匠幣 & 15點Divine Metal 熟練度
Gain mastery with Apprentice Hammer 1個Energy Hammer & 500 鑄劍經驗
Use Fire Hammer on Fire Stone 5個劍之粉末 & 600 鑄劍經驗
Use Ice Hammer on Ice Stone 5個劍之粉末 & 600 鑄劍經驗
Use Heal Hammer to restore temperature penalty 5,000 遊戲幣 & 500 鑄劍經驗
Place a chest on table 1個Key Hammer & 1,000 遊戲幣
Open a chest 3,000 遊戲幣 & 1,000 鑄劍經驗
Create a Soul Forge 5個劍之粉末 & 2,000 鑄劍經驗
Use Miracle Hammer to hammer a second time 1個Demon Hammer & 1個Energy Hammer
Craft an Artifact 3點鐵匠幣
Craft a God-slaying sword 1個Miracle Hammer
Finish a God-slaying sword 3 點鐵匠幣
Save a God-slaying sword 1個神之鐵
Place a Candy Box for Halloween. 1點鐵匠幣


冒險目標 完成獎勵
Buy armor Steel Armor
Equip armor Steel Boots
Complete a route in Mysterious Mountain 1,000 Coins
Defeat Golden Slime 1 Your Gold Ring, 3 Soul Shards
Place pet into group 1,000 Coins & 3 Soul Shards
Buy Combat Orb 1 Fireball
Defeat Giant Lake Monster Tamahagane & 1 Smith Token
Invite friend to your group 1 Bread & 3 Soul Shards
Set pet to rest 1,000 Coins
Return to workshop 6 Orc Steel & 3 Soul Shards
Repair sword 3 Sword Dust
Increase pet growth bar Steel & 3 Soul Shards
Level up pet Mithril & 5 Soul Shards
Get a collectible 2,000 Coins
Buy rare item 300 Exp
Defeat Orc Chieftain(Defeat Giant Lake Monster first) Orc Steel & 1 Smith Token
Use Leadership point 500 Exp & 3 Sword Dusts
Buy Healing Potion 5 Smith Tokens & 500 Exp
Achieve elemental bonus 10,000 Coins
Achieve Location Elemental Bonus 15,000 Coins
Eat food to add stamina(Must own food) 1,000 Coins
Defeat Orc General(Defeat Golden Slime first) Orc Elite Armor & 3 Sword Dusts
Defeat Spider Queen(Defeat Orc Chieftain first) 1 Queen's Mandible
Defeat Dwarf Miner(Defeat either Orc Chieftain or Orc General) Diamonds & 1,000 Coins.
Use Healing Potion(Must own Healing Potion) 1,500 Coins & 300 Exp
Defeat Farmer Joe(Defeat Spider Queen first) Farmer Clothing & 3 Apples
Defeat Cerberus(Defeat Farmer Joe first) Fire Stones & 500 Coins
Defeat Titan(Defeat Farmer Joe first)

1 Shield Hammer and 2,000 Coins

Defeat Ancient Treant(Defeat 2/3 Orc General, Titan or Spider Queen or 6 bosses first) 3 Silvers and 1 Smith Token
Defeat Unicorn(Defeat 2/3 Orc General, Titan or Spider Queen or 6 bosses first) Beast Crystals & 1,500 Exp
Defeat Necromancer(Defeat Ancient Treant or Unicorn first) 2 Smith Tokens
Defeat Homunculus(Defeat Ancient Treant or Unicorn first) Mystic Orbs & 1,500 Exp
Defeat Ogre King (Defeat Necromancer) 2 Smith Tokens & 1 Ogre Hammers
Defeat Evil Javid (Defeat Necromancer) 3 Mystic Orbss and 1 Smith token
Defeat Flame Dragon(Defeat Ogre King & Evil Javid first) Fire Stones & 1 Smith Token
Defeat Burning Knight(Defeat Ogre King & Evil Javid first) 1 Burning Helm & 2,000 Exp
Defeat Frost Dragon(Defeat Flame Dragon first) Ice Stones & 1 Smith Token
Defeat Frozen Knight(Defeat Flame Dragon first) 1 Frozen Armor & 2,000 Exp
Defeat Wanderer(Defeat Frost Dragon first) 1 Secret Scroll of Blades
Defeat Orc Legend(Defeat Frost Dragon first) 2 Sword Essence
Defeat Ancient Robot(Defeat Frost Dragon first) Hyper Steel MA & 1 Energy Hammers
Defeat Eternal Life Form(Defeat Wanderer, Orc Legend, & Ancient Robot first) 12 Soul Shards & 10 Soul Gems
Defeat Undead Dragon(Defeat Wanderer, Orc Legend, & Ancient Robot first) Undead Ash & 2,500 Exp
Defeat The King of Beasts(Defeat Eternal Life Form first) Beast Crystals & 2,000 Coins
Defeat Overmind(Defeat Eternal Life Form first) Mystic Orbs & 2,000 Coins
Defeat Ifrit(Defeat The King of Beasts & Overmind first) 2 Fire Stones & 1 Smith Token
Defeat Beauty Under the Moon(Defeat The King of Beasts & Overmind first) 2 Ice Stones & 1 Smith Token
Defeat Ascended Immortal(Defeat Ifrit & Beauty Under the Moon first) 1 Panacea & 1 Life Force
Defeat Very Angry Big Bird(Defeat Undead Dragon or Ifrit & Beauty Under the Moon first) 1 Chicken Steak & 3,000 Exp
Defeat Emperor(Defeat Ascended Immortal first) 3 Diamonds & 1 Gold
Defeat Phoenix(Defeat Emperor first) Fire Stone & 3 Soul Gem
Defeat Doom Beast(Defeat Emperor first) Ice Stone  & 3 Soul Gem
Defeat Shura(Defeat Emperor first) 1 Smith Token and 1 Sword Essence
Defeat Undead King(Defeat Shura first) Undead Ash & 1 Soul Metal
Defeat Kaiser Dragon(Defeat Undead King first) Smith Tokens & 1 Dragon Stone
Defeat Kraken(Defeat Undead King first) Smith Tokens & 1 Ocean Stone
Defeat Dragonian(Defeat Undead King first) Dragon Stone & 1Sword Essence
Defeat Fisher(Defeat Undead King first) Ocean Stone & 4,000 Exp
Defeat Blademaster Sho(Defeat Kaiser Dragon first) Sword Essence
Defeat Tiamat(Defeat Blademaster Sho first) Dragon Stone & 1 Smith Token
Defeat Leviathan(Defeat Blademaster Sho first) Ocean Stone & 1 Smith Token
Defeat Bahamut (Defeat Leviathan first) Time Hammer
Defeat Abyssal Nightmare(Defeat Leviathan first) Smith Tokens
Defeat Grandmother(Defeat Abyssal Nightmare first) Meteorite & 1 Alien Cell
Defeat Killer(Defeat Abyssal Nightmare first) Alien Cell & 5000 Exp
Defeat Ender(Defeat Grandmother first) Healing Potion
Defeat Manhunter(Defeat Ender first) Alien Cell & 1 Smith Token
Defeat Deman Lord(Defeat Ender first) Demon Stone & 1 Sword Essence
Defeat Demonic Ninja(Defeat Ender first) 6000 Exp & 1 Thief Hammer
Defeat Divine Samurai(Deman Lord first) 1 Sushi & 7000 Exp
Defeat Six Winged Angel(Deman Lord first) Sacred Stone
Defeat Majin(Deman Lord first) 1 Elixir of Life
Defeat Deman of a Thousand Wounds (Defeat Majin first) Sword Essence
Defeat Divine Dragon (Defeat Majin first) Smith Token & 1 Recover Hammer
Defeat Guardian (Defeat Majin first) Smith Token & 1 Shield Hammer
Defeat Death (Defeat Guardian first) 44 Soul Gem
Defeat Apo (Defeat Guardian first) Smith Token & 10000 Exp
80.參加階級戰 1 劍之精華
81.參加鬥神挑戰賽 1 聖灰